Saturday, October 22, 2011

Usefulness Of Ultrasound Examination (Ultrasonography) In Pregnancy?

Already since 1961 the ultrasound used in medicine the womb. Unlike X-rays that are harmful to babies, ultrasound uses reflected sound waves to form a picture of a baby on a computer screen that is safe for infants and mothers.

Confirmation of pregnancy. The embryo in the gestational sac can be seen in early pregnancy is 5 1 / 2 weeks and the fetal heart rate is usually observed clearly in the age of 7 weeks. Read More

Computer Tomography Cardiac Examination

What and How?

Cardiac Multi-slice Computerized Tomography (MSCT-Cardiac) is an imaging examination to  diagnose of various cardiac disorders. This examination is performed by injecting contrast agent containing iodine into the blood followed by scanning the heart using Computer Tomography (Computerized Tomography). Scanning with a computer tomography examination techniques is to create images in the form of thin slices from a body part that can be analyzed for diagnostic purposes. Slices of the image can be reconstructed back into a complete picture of the body part being examined. Read More...

Diet For A Healthy Heart, For The Sake Of A Better Life

The heart is one of many vital organs in the human body. Because of its importance, we often hear the joke that states a mild disease because it is far from the heart. It may have a point when viewed from the statistical data which states that cardiovascular disease (CVD), such as heart disease and stroke are also blood vessels, is still a major killer in the world. Read More....